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New Professional Services Marketing Starts With New Thinking

The one thing that is constant is change – especially when it comes to the question how to get new clients for your service business in Whitewater WI. With all the changes in technology in recent years, and the changes in how people interact online with social and mobile technologies, it stands to reason that professional services marketing methods and the best way to advertise a service business in Whitewater WI would change as well.

The changes in professional services marketing trends and ways to increase sales need to improve trust with the customer and cause them to choose your business in Whitewater WI out of the crowd.

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How to get customers in the door? Obviously branding in service marketing is hyper important. Inbound marketing services help you build brand awareness and pull qualified leads into the sales-pipeline.

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Local internet marketing services: For a small to medium service business, being seen at the top of local Google Maps & search in Whitewater WI is critical.

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Where to advertise your business in Whitewater WI?

Is facebook good for business advertising? Social media marketing services claim that it truely is. And the targeting options are second to none in the paid media space. In Whitewater WI there are lots of facebook marketing services that can help you with that.

Brick and Mortar Businesses Need Small Business Email Marketing

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YouTube advertising for small business – is it efficient? YouTube video marketing services say that yes, it can be very efficient for your service business in Whitewater WI and it is easier to make content visible and rank on YouTube than in organic search results of the search engines.

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How To Do Advertising For a Small Business

Engagement plays a major role when it comes to omnichannel marketing. in terms of engagement instagram outperforms Facebook in visually-dominant industries such as brick and mortar businesses. An instagram marketing service allows you to influence public opinion about your brand and to connect with followers that one day can and potentially will transform into loyal paying customers in Whitewater WI.

The Right Way To Do Branding In Service Marketing

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Integrated marketing services and professional service automation (PSA) systems include are systems designed to help professional services companies streamline a number of operations, optimize efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and attain higher productivity and profitability. Project management, billing, invoice management, time tracking, expense management, and resource allocation.

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What Makes Omnichannel-Marketing Different From Multichannel-Marketing

Professional service businesses use a good customer service as a marketing tool. Customer service and marketing are mutually beneficial strategies, with a potentially reciprocal relationship.

Location-Based Marketing Activities To Increase Sales For Brick And Mortar Businesses

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing services can help you with that in your niche of service.

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Brick and Mortar Businesses Need Small Business Email Marketing

We’re finally at the point where we’re not being swallowed up by wave after wave of big data, and can start using it to create more meaningful interactions. Mobile is the vehicle that makes this happen. Few other things are as pivotal to sealing the deal as a device that the customer carries with them everywhere. Figuring out how to make that impact is something that companies are still working on, but you can bet it will be the customer, not the mobile marketing services, that powers how these decisions are made.


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How to get testimonials from our clients in Whitewater WI?

A persuasive testimonial demonstrates what impact your service has had on a client. It shows potential clients why they should care about hiring you.

Now you have seen one out of many “channels” in the universe of omnichannel-marketing, but wait – there is more…, much more.

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Here are some insights how omnichannel marketing can play a role and the thinking behind the new best way to market a service business:

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How to Use Local Business Online Advertising For a Brick & Mortar Business

The best way to understand what your customers actually wants from you is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes at the very first place. By being a customer of your own service you’ll be able to know what problems your customers are actually having and  how it feels to your customers in terms of user experience. Think about your customers as an individual who randomly surfs your app or website via his treasured iphone and sometimes shares your social media content but do you know how many of them really comes to your brick and mortar location? No, You can’t even get a rough idea on them.

So what’s the best solution to get all this information in one place? The customer profile is what that comes into the scene here that gives a complete idea about your customers. Now you’ll ask what is customer profile. So hold on and go ahead with this blog post to know what is it and how it is created?

What is a customer profile?

The customer profile is the consolidation of all the data that is collected from multiple resources about your individual customers in a single place. Such customer profiles help you to paint a complete picture of your individual users so that you can effectively serve their needs.

How to create a complete customer profile?

The process of building an impressive customer profile starts with the extraction of valuable data points from your diverse marketing channels and ends with using those customer profiles to power up your smart marketing strategies.

Let’s understand this process step by step!

Step 1: Extract individual customer data from your online channels!

Well, I can bet on this that you have a plethora of social media accounts.These digital platforms not only provide information about your audience but also plays an important role in collecting valuable user data as well. These multiple social media platforms highlight your customers as per their own sheds. Below I am listing out what you can extract from some of your online channels:


  • Email address, company details and job role.
  • Email subscriber status and subscription preferences.
  • Avg. monthly email clicks and Avg. monthly email opens.


  • Last and first website visit date and pages viewed.
  • Avg. time your customers spend on your website.
  • Monthly website visits.

P.S. in order to get all these information you need to be handy on any web tracking software that can identify visitors based on cookies and login information.

Other social media appearances

Example profile fields to export!

  • Social media sentiments.
  • A number of brand likes and brand shares.

Step 2 : Extract individual data from your offline channels!

If you are a dot com business you certainly send paper emails to your valuable customers, hold events and sometimes you also operates new physical stores. All these offline activities also offer you a huge amount of data that you can use in crafting your successful marketing strategy.

Step 3: Gather individual customer data about your app usage!

This step provides you valuable insights into how and why customers turn to your app and how is their overall experience in their journey with your brand. Let’s see what data points one can gather from its app.

  • Last app session.
  • Avg. session length.
  • App conversions
  • Time spent in app
  • User preferences and attributes.

Step 4: Centralize this data!

Now when you have tons of data extracted from multiple source points what you need to do with this scattered data is to centralize it and make it a data center hub. Whatever option you choose to build a data center, your main focus should always lie upon offering a unified customer view with which you can drive your business growth in a certain direction.

Step 5: Understand what your data is telling you!

Once all your data is centralized you’ll find numerous customer profile at your fingertips. Now you need to dive deep into these customer profiles and need to find out what are their shopping patterns, demographics, active app sessions and many other things to enable you to understand what makes them similar and how they are different from each other.

Step 6: Update customer profiles regularly!

Change is the only constant in life. Time changes,people change, their situation change and so as their purchasing habits. So don’t let your customer profiles go stable. Update them regularly with whatever information you find about your visitors.

Well, this is all from my side in order to build a strong customer profile. Rest it depends on the kind of service you offer. So if you have any generic idea about the topic then stop hesitating and drop it right here in the comments box below.


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Consistency vs. Engagement in Service Marketing

There's a pretty persistent myth among some people that the tactics and strategies you use in making money online are only good for making money online- that for instance you can't use small business email marketing for a restaurant.

Obviously most large businesses and corporations have learned all about making money online and employ internet marketing strategies and direct email marketing, but most small brick and mortar businesses just haven't caught on to the immense power that they can tap into by better leveraging these techniques for successful small business email marketing campaigns.

Essentially, the same rules apply for online businesses as brick and mortar businesses. The more customers you have, the more money you make. You get customers by converting prospects. A prospect is someone who is interested in what you offer, and a customer is a prospect who ends up buying from you. This is true whether you're selling e-books or steak dinners.

Using this strategy you can build a lot of affection, trust and loyalty between you and your customers. Keeping them in the loop and talking to them once every week or two through your email marketing campaign will make them feel a real personal relationship with you and your business, and that will make your more sale-oriented messages that much more powerful, effective, and profitable.

Channel Optimization To Increase Our Sales

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Mobile marketing can be a powerful and unique medium, but mobile campaigns are not for everyone. Not yet anyway. There's a lot of opportunity for big brands who are looking to advertise in new and innovative ways. After all, big brands have the resources and budget to test the waters. If their initial attempts fail, it's not the end of the world and it's not going to break their bank.

So, is there room in this medium for the smaller guys?

I think there's one specific area of mobile marketing that is suited incredibly well for brick and mortar businesses of any size, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Particularly retail stores, restaurants, bars and other event venues. This is Location-based marketing. With the differences in handset hardware and wireless and Blue Tooth technology, it's probably too early in the game to determine how realistic this form of marketing is today, but it's worth understanding how this can tie into your overall marketing efforts.

What is Location-based Marketing?

Location-based Marketing is the act of delivering targeted content directly to the user of a mobile device based upon their proximity to your business. This is usually done through SMS, known to most simply as text messaging. Information about your location is determined via built-in technologies such as GPS and Blue Tooth, which are quickly becoming standard in mobile devices. What it essentially comes down to is knowing when potential customers are in proximity to your business and sending them a targeted advertisement. This is truly the most direct form of direct marketing available.

How does it work?

Here's an example: Maybe you're walking down Ionia Ave. in Downtown Grand Rapids on a Saturday night deciding where to grab dinner and a drink. As you head down the street, you receive an offer via text message prompting you to stop into J Gardella's for a free drink or to head over to Hopcat for half off an appetizer. Prior to receiving these messages, you've chosen to opt in to receive these messages through some other form of marketing. You're a patron of both establishments and have already given them permission to market to you in this way, so you're very receptive to such offers.

It's up to the user to choose who they are interested in receiving this type of marketing from, through simple opt in procedures. The user has full control to determine who is able to market to them in this fashion. That's why it's important to integrate mobile advertising with your overall marketing campaign. Websites, print ads, radio spots, etc. can provide a direct call to action to opt in to these services by text messaging to a Short Code. These are small codes that you text in to a designated number to sign up for an offer, place a vote or be added to a mobile marketing database among other things.

Take a look at a detailed article I wrote on the subject called "Effective ways to get users to Opt In to your Mobile Campaign" for more detailed information on this topic as well as ideas on how to build a mobile marketing database.

An example of Opting In through Short Codes

How could this work in the case of our earlier examples, Gardella's and Hopcat? Maybe you're sitting at either place one night and see an advertisement at your table on a napkin or a drink coaster. Or perhaps a poster on the door or bathroom prompting you to text in to a Short Code to redeem a free drink or discount for joining the list. This could be a very effective way to build a mobile database of customers and offer them incentives for being marketing to in a very unique fashion.

So, while big brands may be the most likely candidates to jump into the mobile marketing arena, these are all interesting ways for brick and mortar businesses of any size to market to their customers in the most direct way possible.

Location-Based Marketing Activities To Increase Sales For Brick And Mortar Businesses

If you have a local brick and mortar business and are looking for more ways to dominate your niche, you should consider online marketing. But I'm not going to discuss pay-per-click advertising or article marketing which are both very effective methods, but I'd like to discuss an often overlooked method of marketing.

Video marketing is often an overlooked marketing strategy for many businesses because they think that they don't have the budgets to produce fancy videos. However, that is not even an issue because most people are so bombarded with glitzy ads and videos, now that most people are simply looking for "real" stuff without the glitter. They want good content without the fluff.

Want your video to totally kick butt in your marketplace. Why not consider doing what a lot of businesses are now doing? Using video on page and they're running pay-per-click ads leading people to these videos. If you can get visitors to go and watch your videos, you have a sea of opportunities available to you. Keep getting people to click on the link and continue make things happen for you. This method works like magic!

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